So…I read the hell out of blogs. I read lifestyle blogs, I read healthy living blogs, I read fashion blogs, I read blogs about cool houses. I do it all. It’s a dirty little secret I’ve had for years, and I think has actually been really beneficial for me: I’ve started cooking, I dress better, I (sometimes) get motivated to go to the gym. But now that I have my own blog, I can finally start engaging in blogs without being an anonymous commenter, and it feels weird. 

I don’t play online games, but I feel like the sense of community is the same. It’s just people who don’t really know each other creating bonds across these huge distances because they share a common interest or goal. The thing is: I feel like I really know these people. Like, I could safely make a comment such as: “Ha! Oh, that so and so, she WOULD love something like that!” about a blogger who I follow religiously, but in many ‘real life’ acquaintance relationships I don’t think I could make a statement like that. I just don’t know them that well. It’s interesting to think about how attached we become to our virtual lives. 

At this point, is there a separation between ‘real life’ and our ‘online lives’? Where do you think you are the truer version of yourself? Or are you YOU all the time?

I think the anonymity of the online world can make us bolder in our convictions, but can at the same time make us more understanding–it’s a step back from real life and allows us time to process. I don’t know that I am any different online than I am in person–I think that I can just adjust my levels of “self” according to what’s appropriate for the situation. The beauty of the online world is that it gives us the opportunity to really geek out. I mean, I wouldn’t normally tell someone on the street how much I like their outfit, but you can be damned sure I’m going to tell my favorite fashion blogger that she’s looking fly as hell in her recent post. It’s a space where you can be the loudest level of yourself but don’t have to see the stink-eye of someone who doesn’t agree with your delivery, opinion or methods.